About Us

Golnar Foods was established in 2014 by Uche Ezeozue and Minso Wathanafa, two lawyers who have been friends since their early days at King’s College Lagos. They started Golnar Foods with a vision of providing delicious, healthy, indigenous food products, prepared to the highest standards to guarantee customer satisfaction.

After noticing an absence of well packaged and hygienically produced Kilishi in major stores across Lagos and the country, Uche saw an opportunity to fill that gap in the market. He quit his job at a major oil and gas firm to focus on developing his idea of producing healthy, well packaged indigenous food products. He teamed up with Minso, who also decided to leave a successful law practice and partner with Uche on the idea.

Golnar Foods was incorporated in August 2014 but commenced operations in 2016. Golnar Foods now produces four products which can be found in major stores across Nigeria.

As part of our sustainability programme, Golnar Foods engages with the local community to build strong relationships and improve local capacity by sourcing from local farmers and creating jobs. We are committed to doing business in an efficient, competitive and responsible manner.